Sustainability in a new dimension: Glapor Insulation is made of 100% recycled glass. Cellular glas gravel and boards for modern building solutions with longlife charakteristics: extreme compressive strength, deformation-free, non-combustible, water- and vapor tight. Glapor helps building a circular and reliable building future, especially for urban mining concepts.

The RDS-SYSTEM - the perfect combination of GLAPOR RDS Boards and GLAPOR cellular glass gravel for plastic-free insulation solutions under foundationslabs. No timber framework needed: Save time and money with the GLAPOR RDS System and create a demountable, circular insulation system.

GLAPOR Insulation Boards

GLAPOR cellular glass boards are made out of 100% recycled glass. The waterresistance of glass leads to lifetime-characteristics like extreme compressive strength, deformation-free behavior, non-combustible an high fire-resistance, rodent-resistant and demountable application for re-use in next generation constructions. GLAPOR provides real subtitudes to common plastic insulations applications like EPS, XPS and PUR - for flatroofings, basements, cellars, foundationslabs and facades.

  • non-combustible and deformation-free
  • high compressive strength ( 600 - 1600 kPa)
  • vapourtight and waterresistant
  • lifetime thermal conductivity
  • made of 100 % recycled glass

GLAPOR cellular glass gravel

Our cellular glass gravel meets the highest requirements of compression strength and a lifetime thermal insulation capacity. Structures made of cellular glass gravel are safe from gnawers and rodents. GLAPOR cellular glass gravel is easy to demount and offers modern parameters for urban mining and cradle-to-cradle constructions.

  • Sustainable gravel insulation made of 100% recycled glass
  • rodent-resistant and non-combustible
  • high compressive strength (600 - 800 kPa)
  • demountable - ideal material for cradle-to-cradle constructions

GLAPOR RDS - Combining boards and gravel for plastic-free foundationslab insulations

GLAPOR RDS boards substitue the common timber formwork for foundationslabs - and provides a sustainable gravel insulation under the construction. A quick and easy installation and our construction-site support via videochat / facetime are well known benefits of our GLAPOR philosophy. XPS insulations under foundationsslabs can be fully substituted by the GLAPOR RDS system in combination with our GLAPOR cellular glas gravel.

  • Save plastic, money and time: GLAPOR RDS is a total XPS substitue for foundationslabs
  • Lifetime and watertight characteristics
  • Insulation and formwork combined 2 in 1
  • resists rodents and insects
  • non-combustible and very easy to handle