The upcycling process from Glapor. How to make insulating glass of the highest quality from recycled glass. Vapor-proof, pressure-resistant and frost-proof. Glapor foam glass plates and gravel.

The RDS-SYSTEM - the perfect combination of foam glass plates and crushed stone to insulate your home under the floor slab. You save time and money. The sustainable, ecological solution.

Celluar Glass Boards

Our cellular glass boards can be used as thermal insulation in a large range of different cases. They are foamed from 100% recycled glass with activators.

  • non-combustible
  • high compressive strength
  • vapour-resistant
  • stable thermal conductivity
  • 100 % recycled glass

Cellular glass gravel

Our cellular glass gravel meets the highest requirements of compression strength and a long-lasting heat insulation capacity. Structures made of cellular glass gravel are safe from gnawers.

  • mineral foam made from 100% recycled glass
  • no capillarity and draining capacities
  • high compressive strength
  • resistant to freeze and thaw

Border insulation formwork system RDS

Our system for load-bearing thermal insulation under foundation slabs consists of GLAPOR high performance gravel, GLAPOR insulation (RDS), GLAPOR geotextile and PE film as well as border insulation formwork system for plinth area.

  • approve rendering and coating flexible construction and thermal insulation system
  • minimises lateral entry of moisture
  • Insulation and formwork element of foundation slab
  • resists rodents and insects
  • non-combustible