Product Overview

Celluar Glass Boards

Our cellular glass boards are a versatile insulating material. They are foamed from 100% recycled glass and organic activators.
  • high compressive strength
  • no creep
  • non combustible

Cellular glass gravel

Due to its light weight, our cellular glass gravel allows specific enables design of construction sites with special requirements. Due to its strong interlocking effect, it always meets the high static requirements.
  • high compression strength
  • purely mineral
  • no capillarity

Border insulation formwork system RDS

In addition to GLAPOR high performance gravel, the innovative GLAPOR insulation system (RDS) is the key component for our system "load-bearing thermal insulation under foundation slabs".
  • minimises lateral entry of moisture
  • Insulation and formwork element of foundation slab
  • rodent-proof

Tapered insulation boards

GLAPOR tapered systems can be manufactured with a multitude of different inclinations. Standard inclinations are 1.0%, 1.7%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.3% and 5.0%.
  • professional planning support
  • Initial briefing on site
  • easy installation

Roof rider

GLAPOR ridge turret fro draining in two dimensions.
  • professional planning support
  • first instruction on the job site
  • flexible installation

GLAPOR Accessories

Here you can find our accessory products, from geotextile to adhesives, for the professionally installation of our cellular glass products.