GLAPOR insulation products

GLAPOR Celluar Glass Boards

GLAPOR Cellular Glas Boards provide a sustainable insulation, made of 100% recycled glass.
  • lifetime characteristics
  • high compressive strength
  • plastic and plasticizer-free
  • water- and vaportight
  • easy to handle
  • non combustible A1

GLAPOR Cellular Glas Gravel

GLAPOR cellular glass gravel can be used as a load bearing and insulating bulk under every house or construction, With very unique and plastic-free characteristics, long-lasting and sustainable systems can be planned easily.
  • lifetime characterisitcs
  • plastic and plasticizer-free
  • high compression strength
  • made of 100% recycled glass
  • demountable, urban mining compatible

GLAPOR RDS Framework combinationsystem

In addition to GLAPOur high performance gravel, the innovative GLAPOR framework insulation system (RDS) is the key combination for a faster construction site management. Save time and money with this 2 in 1 insulating system.
  • No need for a timber formwork anymore.
  • non combustible
  • 2 in 1 : Insulation and formwork element of foundation slab
  • watertight
  • rodent-proof

Tapered insulation boards

GLAPOR tapered systems can be manufactured with a multitude of different gradients. Standard inclinations are 1.0%, 1.7%, 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.3% and 5.0%.
  • professional planning support
  • Initial briefing on site
  • easy installation

GLAPOR top gradient system

GLAPOR top gradient system for draining in two dimensions.
  • professional planning support
  • first instruction on the job site
  • easy installation

GLAPOR Accessories

Here you can find our accessory products, from geotextile to adhesives, for the professional installation of our cellular glass products. More to come in Spring 2022.