Border insulation formwork system RDS

GLAPOR construction system for load-bearing thermal insulation under foundation slabs are made of GLAPOR high performance gravel, GLAPOR insulation (RDS), GLAPOR geotextile and PE film as well as inspected plaster and coating systems for plinth area.


resistant to freeze and thaw
easy to process
mineral made from 100% recycled glass
ecologic and economic
(glass) does not age
100% recycling glass


GLAPOR Insulation system RDS

Multifunctional insulation- and formworkelements for the application: cellular glass gravel as a bearing behaviour thermal insulation under foundation slab.
RDS 60/30
RDS = Insulation system
60 = cellular glass gravel thickness + bottom boards thickness
30 = cellular glass gravel thickness

Examples of construction heights - other dimensions of request

  • 80/55 - construction heights: 800 mm construction length: 720 mm, Wide Coverage: 600 mm
  • 60/30 - construction heights: 600 mm, construction length: 920 mm, Wide Coverage: 800 mm
  • 50/25 - construction heights: 500 mm, construction length: 920 mm, Wide Coverage: 800 mm
  • 40/20 - construction heights: 400 mm, construction length: 920 mm, Wide Coverage: 800 mm

Technical specifications

  • Bearing behaviour thermal insulation under foundations- und bottom boards
Properties Value
bedding heights of edge insulation system 20 cm
bedding with of edge insulation system 50 cm
Concrete quality offset of RDS elements C20/25

Supplementary products

GLAPOR geotextilevlies, 150 g

Separating area between soil and cellular glass gravel.

commercially PE Madness

recommended thick 0,4 mm.
Separating between cellular glass gravel and bottom plate.
Moisture lock when the bottom plate ist curing.

single component thick coating

or similar for bonding the edge insulation system on the butt joints.