Snow machine

Titlis ǀ Switzerland

Renovation of the infrastructure of the snow machine
Used Products: 400 m³ Cellular glass gravel

Environmental Station

Waldsassen ǀ Germany

Construction of an environmental station in the monastery garden
Used products: 100 m² Cellular Glass Boards

Four-sided yard „Wild 16“

Aachen ǀ Germany

Renovation of a four-sided yard
Used products: 70 m³ Cellular glass gravel, 5 m³ Cellular glass granulate
© 2014, Joerg Hempel, Germany


Bamberg ǀ Germany

Building of a passive indoor swimming pool
Used Products: 350m³ cellular glass gravel, 550m² cellular glass boards

Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center

København ǀ Danmark

Design of a roof landscape
Used products: 1400 m³ Cellular glass gravel


Innsbruck ǀ Austria

Interface design on a underground parking mantle with fit for traffic and accessible area and green area
Used products: 3000 m³ light gravel

Football stadium

Warsaw ǀ Poland

Heat insulation
Used products: 12.200 m³ Cellular glass boards