Snow machine

Titlis ǀ Switzerland

Renovation of the infrastructure of the snow machine
Used Products: 400 m³ Cellular glass gravel

So easily installed on site

A long time experience in the sector production of cellular glass boards made it possible to improve the GLAPOR cellular glass gravel. Thanks to the innovative production unity is now on the market with the product SG 600 P a lighter cellular glass gravel available: With a better coefficient of heat conductivity by 25% lower weight and a good compressive strength, stand in a variegated use nothing in the way. The new GLAPOR cellular glass gravel – the light weight under the cellular glass gravels – satisfies as a capillary breaking warmth insulation under foundation- and floor plates, as a light ballast in the design of landscape architecture of planning as well as by the historic building restoration.

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Ski safe! More Easiness in the gravel carpet 

Also ski regions need a regulary cure. But there is not only mean the dissection of the slopes and the service of the lifts. Because of the worse snow situation a lot of more snow machnies were needed. Comprehensive in this context is of course the technology. In the ski region Titlis in the Switzerland should be renew the infrastructure of the snow machine Engelbert, satisfied the carrier for the light cellular glass gravel SG 600 from the company GLAPOR. In the first stage of construction was already put a part of the connector cable and water pipes also in a light as well warming cellular carpet. The transport of the material was also easy. Because of the lower weight it could be clearly transport more cellular glass gravel – in the first part 400 m³ – locally. Not per ski, but elegant with the helicopter were the Big-Bags flew to the place of use. Ski safe for the next season!

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