Football stadium

Warsaw ǀ Poland

Heat insulation
Used products: 12.200 m³ Cellular glass boards

Cellular glass boards as pressure-resistant heat insulation of the lawn heating

The stadium Narodowy (national stadium), or rather since july 2015 PGE Narodowy is a football stadium in the Polish capital Warsaw. It was built for the football – Europeanship in the year 2012. The construction replaces the stadium, which arised of ruin rubble between 1954 and 1955. The sport place lies in the district Prag on the adverse to the Warsaw centrum, with good tram- and railroad connection. The stadium has got a closeable tent-roof construction, which is also in the frankfurter Commerzbank-arena and on the arena Națională in Bucharest.

On the 28. june 2012 was enlarged the name of the Polish football player and trainer Kazimierz Górski. In the middle of july 2015 was concluded a sponsor contract with the Polish energy supply company Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) over the right the name of the national stadium. Therefore is the name of the sport place PGE Narodowy. The contract has got a transit time to the 10. october 2020 and is reported to have high from two to four million euro each year.