About the company GLAPOR

Fields of application

Under which aspects does GLAPOR have relevance ?

When safety, stability and durability are required in addition to the thermal insulation.

Whether in commercial or industrial construction, whether at home or in a football stadium, or in horticulture and landscaping - the two different product variants - boards and gravel - and their system combinations allow a variety of economical and useful applications.

The ecological, sustainable aspect is playing an increasingly important role.


What ideals determine the future of the company ?

Sustainable insulation becomes a mandatory necessity. The increasing demand and the increased use are determined by two forces:

Rising energy costs
make the decision-makers in the application more susceptible to sustainable and efficient thermal solutions.

Ecological conscience
as a driving force in the company is steadily increasing. Therefore, there is alternative for us but to protect resources.


What do we promise our costumers ?

With all innovations and new application possibilities, we never forget what it´s all about:
The benefit to our costumers and their requirements to provide the optimal solution. Always mindful of meaningful responsibility. This is the central role of our actions and our reason for being.

"Absolute safety"


What does the brand stand for and what do we believe in ?

With outstanding properties, our product ist often a better substitute for traditional materials and systems.
In addition, especially ecological and sustainable.

We anticipated this development early on and continuously optimised the production process of cellular glass.

Our responsible, honest attitude and our consistent claim to constantly improve our products help us. For us, This is the best way to be successful in the future and make progress.
We self-confidently live the values for which we are valued:

Precision, reliability and practicality.


From which aspects is our promise built ?

Our promise and the market relevance of GLAPOR are based on three performance dimensions:

Absolutely professional behaviour, consistent application and a comprehensive system concept.


What is our direction for everyday action ?

We want to establish cellular glass insulation as an affordable, economical standard.

Commitment to our customers:
Functionality coupled with low energy consumption for higher efficiency. That is why we use resources such as time, material, money and manpower optimally in our material solutions and in process engineering.

Our commitment to the company:
To bring out long-term and lasting innovations with cellular glass and components time and again, which cope with the ecological requirements of the time.

In the professional world, cellular glass has always been considered the absolute premium and safety insulation material.

Located in the glass and porcelain centre of Germany, we started in 2006 with the goal of mind-shifting the subject of cellular glass: CELLULAR GLASS BOARDS,