Safe, economical, ecological —
During the life cycle of a building in all phases of sustainable construction and use.

Extraction of raw materials / product manufacturing

Our raw material - recycling glass - 100%!

GLAPOR cellular glass products are manufactured from 100% recycled glass without abiotic depletion.
The innovation in the board production eliminates the energy-intensive and thus cost-intensive process of a special glass production.
GLAPOR cellular glass is therefore not melted, but "only" baked.

Production process
After mixing with a pure organic foaming agent (glycerine), the glass batch goes through a special continuous furnace.
The glycerine we use is a by product from biodiesel production.
When heated, the propellant expands the viscous glass ribbon by creating fine pores.
GLAPOR cellular glass is ecologically safe and free of harmful flame retardants and foaming agents.

The method of subsequent cooling is crucial for the respective products:

Cellular glass boards
annealing by slow cooling - the cellular glass ribbon is cut to standard board sizes

Cellular glass gravel
fast, thermal shock by cooling - the cellular glass ribbon breaks into countless small chunks.