Safe, economical, ecological —
During the life cycle of a building in all phases of sustainable construction and use.


Extraction of raw materials / product manufacturing

Our raw material - recycling glass - 100%!

GLAPOR cellular glass products are manufactured from 100% recycled glass without abiotic depletion.
The innovation in the board production eliminates the energy-intensive and thus cost-intensive process of a special glass production.
GLAPOR cellular glass is therefore not melted, but "only" baked.

Production process
After mixing with a pure organic foaming agent (glycerine), the glass batch goes through a special continuous furnace.
The glycerine we use is a by product from biodiesel production.
When heated, the propellant expands the viscous glass ribbon by creating fine pores.
GLAPOR cellular glass is ecologically safe and free of harmful flame retardants and foaming agents.

The method of subsequent cooling is crucial for the respective products:

Cellular glass boards
annealing by slow cooling - the cellular glass ribbon is cut to standard board sizes

Cellular glass gravel
fast, thermal shock by cooling - the cellular glass ribbon breaks into countless small chunks.

02 Construction / Use

A lightweight construction material! stable - safe - durable

Cellular glass boards and gravel can always be transported with the maximum volume capacity of the truck to save energy because they are lightweight construction products.
Cellular glass is easy to process.
The cellular glass insulation boards can be combined with most common sealing systems.
Delivered in big bags or loose bulk, cellular glass gravel is considered to be particulary job site friendly.

GLAPOR products comprise 100% recycling glass. It ensures safety, stability, durability over the entire life cycle of a building.
Whether in commercial or industrial construction, whether at home or in a football stadion, or in horticulture and landscaping - both the product variants - cellular glass boards and cellular glass gravel - allow a variety of applications.
Unique is, the combination of both products for optimised an system application like boarder insulation formwork (RDS).

03 Maintenance / Modernisation

"Insulated for eternity"

GLAPOR cellular glass insulation is one of the most durable insulation materials ever. Over the entire life cycle of a building, GLAPOR cellular glass products guarantee the required properties consistently, stable and safe.

Absolute dimensionally stable, pressure-resistant and inherently stable from the first day until the last day.
GLAPOR is acid-resistant, rot-, rodent- and pest-proof.
As it is impermeable to water of gas, it is excellently suited for highly stressed insulation applications in the perimeter area.
The glass is not combustible. This is also the case for GLAPOR cellular glass products with an Euroclass A1 classification.

04 Disassembly / Recycling

... unbeatable circular economy!

Glass gravel fulfils the cradle to cradle principle

Exclusive use of recycled glass. This saves resources and also saves a lot of energy, which is typically involved with the melting of fresh glass.

The raw material glass is finally ground in the first production step and enriched with organic activators.